Sunday, December 4, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Online Multiplayer


        After the long anticipated wait for Modern Warfare 3 it finally came out!  To be honest I had very high expectation on what this game will bring to the table.  Of course I became mildly disappointed with the lack of anything really new, but as we all know good games are about playability and this game has it.  Of  course the graphics are reminiscent of what we saw in Modern Warfare 2.  Also it seems that there is a lack of team cooperation which makes me angry(YOU ARE PLAYING A WAR GAME ACT LIKE A SOLDIER!)
            My favorite part of the new game would be the wide variety of care packages you can choose from.  They have assault packages which help you get kills and support packages to help assist your team or fool the enemy.  Also they have a specialist class which instead of giving you any type of support they give you extra perk (ex.slight of hand, marathon and sit rep.) 

        I forgot to tell you....If you actually survive through all your kills, kill streak will reset and you will have an opportunity to get them unlocked again.  I have also hear that if you get through the list twice that it unleashes an easter egg on the other team and blows them the smithereens!  Overall I am very excited about the multiplayer and know that I'll probably play this one as much as I do MW2.  Hopefully you will agree. I'll get back to you about what Call of Duty Elite is, very very soon.

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