Monday, December 5, 2011

BattleField 3 Review

       So now that Battlefield 3 seemed to fix all of its bugs I don't seem to remember Modern Warfare 3!  This game absolutely blows MW3 out of the water!  For any of those players out there who haven't tried it....TRY IT!

        There is almost too much to talk about!  Of course we have the new Frostbite engine which makes the game incredibly crisp(fyi if you have a hd tv I suggest you accept the 1.5 G download for extended mapping).  It seems to be the smoothest and most comprehensive game I have ever played.

       Weapons...Although I am not a fan of the weapon system they have in place it seems that in Battlefield 3 they have tried to incorporate more weapons for you to play around with so it seems there is a weapon for anyone.  The real good stuff is when you rank up your weapon unlocking all its attachments making the weapon far easier to use.  This is especially true when dealing with the sniper rifles.

       Vehicles.....Nuts! Planes... Helicopters....UAV...Turrets...on and on...These awesome attachments to the game make the playing ground really feel like a war ground.  It is hard to navigate the airborne vehicles because they come inverted(I think to keep you from mastering too fast).  Picking the right vehicle for you isn't' an easy task and once you find one you have to watch out for missiles and RPG's.

       Gameplay...Slower then normal first person shooters but it seems to simulate real warfare.   Of course I've never been in war I can only speculate.  Rush of course is an old game type but its by far my favorite, these games can last a very long time up to an hour if they are played slowly. Conquest is also a good game..its comparable to domination in call of duty(holding down a base for points).  In my opinion I would wait until you have a good team to play this game because you need to be able to hold down positions and be able to communicate with your teammates.

I can't stress communication in this game enough...If you don't have headphones BUY SOME!  This game is ment to be played as a team or at least your squad has to play together in order to be successful.

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