Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Geometry Wars Evolved

         Geometry Wars Evolved is one of my favorite arcade games of all time!  Main reason being....it pretty f***in crazy!  Think of asteroids where all you have is you, your ship and a crappy little plasma gun that shoots constantly if held down.

          First thing you need to know is that the controls are very simple.  The left stick controls movement and the right controls your shooting.  Some people have a problem with this but I really think that it all depends on how well you hand eye coordination is.  This game in my opinion also drastically increases hand eye coordination if play consistently.

         Once you start the game you will only have Deadline unlocked(playing on and gaining high scores will unlock other game types).  This game type is one of my favorites because its very tactical. You start the game with only 3 minutes on the clock and your objective is to collect all the green gems from the enemies you kill.  This will start gaining your multiplier which will lead you into your high scores.  My favorite technique is to ride my player clockwise always shooting in front of me in a strafing motion.  When large groups of enemies form behind me I go through a gate or explode a black hole.  These two forms of defeating enemies are crucial to gaining high points.  I can't stress this enough...DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR BOMBS(left trigger).  If you follow these steps you might actually start out with a 3,000,000 score...which really is nothing compared to the top leader boards but its a good start.

        The next game type you unlock is King.  This game type is very interesting and also pretty difficult.  You start out with your ship, 3 grey circles and a few enemies.  Once you fly your ship into the grey circle it becomes green, this means its activated.  Once activated you have 10 seconds to fire upon the enemy(you cannot shoot out of the circle). After the ten second mark the circle shrinks and your forced to pick up your green gems and jump into the next circle.  My only trick for this is trying to make sure the next circle you try to jump to is close so you are able to clear a path before your time is up.

      Evolved is the next game to unlock.  Evolved is almost like deadline except you have no time limit and after you hit certain points you gain bombs and lives.  I also recommend that you go in a clockwise pattern always shooting forward for this game.  I would fly a little closer to the middle just because you never know what swarm of enemies may come out of the corners.  BLACK HOLES AND GATES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND make sure you know how to use them properly!

      Pacifism...!  This is my absolute favorite game to play on geometry wars.  It is so competitive its ridiculous, I suggest you find a friend to compete with online but if you can't try to rank your self up in the leader board.  Okay so you start out with your ship, gates and a few blue floaters.  The objective is to use the gates to blow up the blue floaters.  Every time they spawn they grow at an exponential rate so the rush is on to blow them up.  Also you still have to collect the green gems which make your score go up to stupid numbers.  My only piece of advise is to keep moving and never get backed into a corner.

        Waves...waves...waves....In my opinion you have to be a pro to play this one. Exponential waves that clutter the screen.  If you live past 30 seconds give yourself a pat on the back.  The only advise out there is to stay in the middle of the screen or to pick a corner a fight the best you can.

       Sequence.  This is my least favorite game type, probably because its pretty tough.  You start off in a sub round to show you whats coming up in the level and once you defeat those enemies your swarmed with a ton more(fyi your timed the whole time). If you fail a certain amount of missions you have to start over again..I actually have never finished this one.

    So overall this game is really awesome, if you don't have it already I defiantly recommend it.  If not for the game play then for the exploding enemies which are guaranteed to captivate anyone.


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