Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review!

         Now we are going back in time to revisit a cult classic video game that revolutionized the first person shooter industry... Halo!  This was probably the game most of you got started on if not this the most likely Golden eye(another fantastic game).

         There is something about the way the BR sounds, or how you can shoot your sniper at the ground only to find out that bullets ricochet and kill!  Or just the way the grenades sound as their either bouncing or expanding before they explode.  Another reason I think people like the Halo series is that it is a little slower than most FPS.  This makes a smarter player(or just noobs who wander aimlessly).

         I can't say how happy I am that the I get to use the BR again in a new updated version of Halo, I thought it was to be lost forever!  So yes folks, the BR is back with its amazing 4 shots to the head!  Actually all the weapons from Halo 1 are back and untouched!  The only thing they seemed to change in the Engine(Sabre 3D), which I have to say is really amazing.  I didn't think Halo 1 could get much better, but then I forgot it came out about a decade ago.  Maps, loading, textures, everything seems to be flawless on this new rendering of Halo 1.  Also they have Kinect feature which I only advise you to use if your JUST TRYING TO HAVE FUN. Otherwise the lag between your movements and whats happening in the game will surely get you killed and will most likely be frustrating beyond belief!

       The entire campaign is exactly the same, which is mildly disappointing but regardless its still awesome.  The vehicles still seem to operate the same way(crappy).  I though that they would defiantly touch up those controls before a re-release.  They have still have hidden skulls to be found as Easter eggs throughout the campaign.  Although they were cool when they came out I think they should have come out with something better by now, something different, but no.

      But overall I am still happy that they are still dragging out the Halo series.  I'm a huge fan and probably will be for life....Hope they keep 'em comin'!

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