Sunday, January 30, 2011

Halo Reach

In my opinion Halo has been one of the best shooters of all time and has definatly evolved throughout the years.  Not only is it getting more difficult but it is also challenging users to be smarter with their gaming leaving them their gun, wits and surroundings to outsmart their opponent.  Unfortunatly there are things that are lacking in this game but I'm sure that'll be fixed by the time we see the next title.

The maps in reach are really very simple and really have little detail to them.  Still this makes it a challenge for the average gamer to get from point A to point B without getting their head taken off.  Although there is little detail your enemies tend to blend in with the background a lot in the game causing sniper and swat games to be really interesting.

Now shooting a gun is one thing but taking consideration about your recoil is a whole new animal...This is not a new idea, but really this is the first time I have seen recoil displayed in your aim sights.  This makes a very interesting type of play which make people slow down and pick their shots more carefully.  Of course if your right next to someone and you want to take off their dome, by all means fire away, but if you want that perfect head shot you best be sure that both circle's realign before firing your next shot.

Throughout the years shooters have changed so much, creating a whole giant pot of game play variations.  My favorites for Halo are snipers and swat.  Each of these causes you to really hone in on your special skills, one of which being to be able to successfully get head shots... Consistently!  The 2nd of course is the "no scope" which if you can master this your in pretty good shape.  The "no scope" hasn't changed much just beware of that recoil it'll be the death of you if your not careful.

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack

The time has come my geek friends!  New maps are just around the corner.  On Tuesday(Feb.2) Treyarch will release the highly anticipated map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops.  Of course not only will the be giving us nerds 4 highly compelling maps but also a new and improved Nazi map, which from my opinion looks like the best one yet.

First map Berlin Wall.  This map takes place at checkpoint Charlie which if you don't know was the safe zone between the 2 different sides of the wall in which all allied defense would have a safe zone.  This will be a medium sized map with a lot of building circling a court yard.  I really hope that most of these houses allow you to go inside to set up camp and start sniping.  Watch out for the center of the map though...I'm sure if this map is anything like the other call of duties you need to beware of where you are and where your cover is...being in the center of the map is probably not a good idea.

Second map Discovery.  We set the scene in a Antarctic research facility...From what I hear this map may be sniper heaven.  With long lines of sight we may finally be able to snipe without worrying about getting assaulted within 5 seconds of putting our scopes up.  Again watch out for the center of the map...What I hear is that there is a bridge which will probably act as the main choke point...soooo Beware!

3rd Map Kowloon.  This map comes out of the campaign.  There seems to be a lot of windows and open spots to pop your head out of to get a quick shot.  This again will probably end up being sniper/camper paradise, which I have to say is awesome..I'm tired of running around to find a kill I'd rather just post up and let the noobs run into my sights.

Stadium is our 4th and final multi-player map.  This takes place in middle America at a hockey rink.  This map is supposed to be medium sized mostly for assault I think.  To me urban warfare is really where we are headed today so having a gun battle in the middle of a hockey rink is just up my alley.  There seems to be a lot of cover so make sure you check your corners!

Now Ascension is the new and improved zombie map.  All I know is that this map will truly be a challenge and there will be a lot of interactive aspects of the map

Well thats all I know for now...I hope everyone is as excited as I am!