Saturday, December 17, 2011

179,000,000 Points in Geometry Wars

Thursday, December 15, 2011

YouTube now on Xbox 360!

      Hello fellow bloggers I bring exciting news!  I have just discovered that in the new Xbox 360 update has added Youtube to its list of features. I think I didn’t see it because it was such a small button stuck in the middle of a cluttered page.  But it has been found and it was a fantastic idea for them to add this!
      When you click the button they will prompt you to down the app.  Next you will be brought to a screen where you have the option of recovering your Youtube account.  If you choose to do this you will need to go to you computer, log on to Youtube and then after your sign in go to .  Once your at the screen they should present you a code to enter into the Youtube app, Then your done!  You should be able to access your favorites, your playlists and your recommended channel.  FYI you still have to change your security settings once you download the app in order to view any questionable content.

      Oh yea, if you haven't checked out Karmin Covers on Youtube I highly suggest that you do! She’s on the top my list of greatest female performing artist.  Seriously take 2 minutes and watch this video!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cloud Storage Added to Xbox 360

        As some of you may know in the new Xbox 360 update they have added new features.  One of which is called Cloud Storage, and amazing little device that should have been added years ago!  This new feature allows each users to save onto their actual gamer profile so they can recover their information on other devices.  This will allow users to recover their gamer tags and play as if their were just at home. 

cloud saved
      You of course can still use a good old fashioned memory card.  But who wants to luge around a memory card, who knows what can happen to it!  It could get lost, stolen, it could break…In my opinion I don't want to lose/break my saved games.  Even if your Xbox 360 crashes you will be able to recover your saved games if they were put on the Cloud Storage memory unit.  I suggest you at least take a look at it.  Even if your not a hard core gamer it still may be worth saving on because you never know when you might recover your gamer tag!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Netflix Update for Xbox 360

      So I'm sure all of you know what Netflix is by now!  For those of you that don't know its like BlockBuster buy 5000000 times better.  Netflix was the first provider to allow users to stream from their multi-media devices like their phone, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Ps3.  This is seems to be the option most people go for, although it does limit you in movie choices.  Selections you get from renting dvd's are far better than the streaming selections.  I feel since new imurging compitition against Netflix will cause them to give us new, better titles.  I figure we should start seeming them around the beginning of the year.

       As for the new update I can't be happier.  Reason being I have an incredibly slow Internet connection(clear) and for the last 2 years I had to deal with insanely slow load times.  After a while I have to admit I was getting used to looking at the hypnotising circle in the middle of the screen(telling you it was loading).  Well this is all over now.  I have not had a problems streaming any videos at all, which makes me unbelievably happy!  Also load screens aren't red screens with Netflix slammed in the middle.  They actually give you pictures, information, and show similar movie titles while your waiting for it to load.  This menu can also be attained by hitting start and then Down on the D-pad. 

       One very interesting and awesome add-on comes when your watching a TV show that has more than one episode.  When these TV shows load,get paused, or end your prompted with episode selections so you can go seamlessly from episode to episode.  This is fantastic for shows like Lost, or Dexter. 

   My only problem with the new update is that I can't seem turn off the scrolling sound.  If anyone knows how leave me a post please.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Battlefield 3 Complete Weapon List!

        Hey everyone Cavedweller here...just thought I'd give ya the complete list of weapons for Battlefield 3.  I will do my best to add the new weapons once Back to Karkand is out.

  • Scar-H
  • G36C
  • SG553
  • M4A1
  • A-91
  • AKS-74U
Rocket Launchers
  • SMAQ
  • RPG-7
  • SA-18 IGLA
  • .44MAG
  • GLOCK 18
  • GLOCK 17
  • 93R
  • MP-443 Grach
  • MP412 REX
  • M1911
Light Machine Guns
  • Type88
  • M240
  • M249
  • RPK
  • M27
  • M60
Sniper Rifles
  • M39
  • SVD
  • M40A5
  • SKS
  • SV98
  • M98B
  • M39
  • 870 MCS
  • SAIGA 12
  • USAS 12
  • DOA 12
  • M1014
Assult Rifles
  • M16 A4
  • AK-74M
  • M416
  • F2000
  • AEK-971
  • AN-94
  • AS VAL
  • G3
  • KH-2002
  • UMP-45
  • MP7
  • PP-2000
  • PDW-R
  • P90

Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand!


  Hey everyone! Are you ready for the new Battlefield 3 maps?  Well I guess there not really new just a revamped version of all the maps, weapons and vehicals from Battlefield 2.  Will we be dissappointed with the new DLC?  I highly doubt it.   The Battlefield 3 game has given us one surprise after another, and well who's to say it'll stop now. 

      Hopefully you pre-ordered the game because if you did you will get Back to Karkand free of charge.  If you didn't pre-order you can always buy it for $15 bucks!

Well here's what to espect.....

  • Wake Island
  • Strike at Karkland
  • Gulf of Oman
  • Sharqi Pennisula

Game Modes
  • Conquest Assult
  • Type 97
  • Type 95
  • Jackhammer
  • MG 36
  • Type 88
  • L96A1
  • Femas
  • PP-19
  • L85A2
  • MP5
  • BTR90- LAV
  • DPV- Transport
  • 535B- Fighter Plane

                        DON'T FORGET TO TALK WITH YOUR TEAMATES!

Click here to see review on Battlefield 3

Xbox 360 Update! Full Details!

        Well now that the new xbox 360 update is here we can all rant and rave about how much we hate it!  There are 3 big main changes to this new up date. First being a new Terms of Service agreement. This of course is very interesting to see, and also means if you don't agree you can't play xbox live!  From what I understand the new agreement basically states that Microsoft is protected from being taken to court over xbox live and xbox 360 matters.  Which makes me wonder why that added this all of a sudden....?  Are they expecting their product to break?  Or are they just tired with deal with the day to day PR which I'm sure becomes and enormous headache. 

       This next change is a big more noticable, the entire dashboard has now changed...again.  The dashboard now contains a cycle through list with the following...

  • Bing- On online search engine allowing you to search for movies, music, apps, games and more.

  • Home-  This tab has sub categories containing Play Game, Quick Play, Explore Marketplace, and Cloud saves 101.  Cloud storage allows you to save directly online(for people without memory cards/hard drives).  This is a new feature also very useful for people who play on multiple xbox's and don't like to bring around their memory cards.  Lastly there is a bogus advertisement.

  • Social- Social seems to be the same 'ol Facebook and Twitter applications that you can always turn on or off.  Seems they also added a beacon so that when your friends sign on they will be notified that you want to play with them with out you having to pause the game your in to send a message(in my opinion this should have been added years ago.

  • Games- My games, Game Marketplace, Sales and specials, and an awesome advertisement with Chuck Norris for World of Warcraft!

  • Music- Music apps, Zune Music

  • Apps-Epix, if you haven't tried it yet) Windows media Center, Picture Viewer, Music Player, Video Player.

  • Settings- Same setting as before except for Cloud Storage can be found under memory and  used exactly like any other memory card.  Also you can turn off your system from this menu.

        Now that its out you can be the judge on whether you enjoy the changes or not.  My opinion would be that they should have left it how it was.  I'm tired of NEW NEW NEW...I just want some consistency, but no everything has to be bigger better and faster....

P.S. There is big change I forgot to tell you about and will get most people pissed.  Instead of X as the eject button on the dashboard it is now Y.   Now Tell me why they would ever do that?!?!  Thats like microsoft changing CTRL P To CTRL Z!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review!

         Now we are going back in time to revisit a cult classic video game that revolutionized the first person shooter industry... Halo!  This was probably the game most of you got started on if not this the most likely Golden eye(another fantastic game).

         There is something about the way the BR sounds, or how you can shoot your sniper at the ground only to find out that bullets ricochet and kill!  Or just the way the grenades sound as their either bouncing or expanding before they explode.  Another reason I think people like the Halo series is that it is a little slower than most FPS.  This makes a smarter player(or just noobs who wander aimlessly).

         I can't say how happy I am that the I get to use the BR again in a new updated version of Halo, I thought it was to be lost forever!  So yes folks, the BR is back with its amazing 4 shots to the head!  Actually all the weapons from Halo 1 are back and untouched!  The only thing they seemed to change in the Engine(Sabre 3D), which I have to say is really amazing.  I didn't think Halo 1 could get much better, but then I forgot it came out about a decade ago.  Maps, loading, textures, everything seems to be flawless on this new rendering of Halo 1.  Also they have Kinect feature which I only advise you to use if your JUST TRYING TO HAVE FUN. Otherwise the lag between your movements and whats happening in the game will surely get you killed and will most likely be frustrating beyond belief!

       The entire campaign is exactly the same, which is mildly disappointing but regardless its still awesome.  The vehicles still seem to operate the same way(crappy).  I though that they would defiantly touch up those controls before a re-release.  They have still have hidden skulls to be found as Easter eggs throughout the campaign.  Although they were cool when they came out I think they should have come out with something better by now, something different, but no.

      But overall I am still happy that they are still dragging out the Halo series.  I'm a huge fan and probably will be for life....Hope they keep 'em comin'!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Geometry Wars Evolved

         Geometry Wars Evolved is one of my favorite arcade games of all time!  Main reason pretty f***in crazy!  Think of asteroids where all you have is you, your ship and a crappy little plasma gun that shoots constantly if held down.

          First thing you need to know is that the controls are very simple.  The left stick controls movement and the right controls your shooting.  Some people have a problem with this but I really think that it all depends on how well you hand eye coordination is.  This game in my opinion also drastically increases hand eye coordination if play consistently.

         Once you start the game you will only have Deadline unlocked(playing on and gaining high scores will unlock other game types).  This game type is one of my favorites because its very tactical. You start the game with only 3 minutes on the clock and your objective is to collect all the green gems from the enemies you kill.  This will start gaining your multiplier which will lead you into your high scores.  My favorite technique is to ride my player clockwise always shooting in front of me in a strafing motion.  When large groups of enemies form behind me I go through a gate or explode a black hole.  These two forms of defeating enemies are crucial to gaining high points.  I can't stress this enough...DO NOT FORGET ABOUT YOUR BOMBS(left trigger).  If you follow these steps you might actually start out with a 3,000,000 score...which really is nothing compared to the top leader boards but its a good start.

        The next game type you unlock is King.  This game type is very interesting and also pretty difficult.  You start out with your ship, 3 grey circles and a few enemies.  Once you fly your ship into the grey circle it becomes green, this means its activated.  Once activated you have 10 seconds to fire upon the enemy(you cannot shoot out of the circle). After the ten second mark the circle shrinks and your forced to pick up your green gems and jump into the next circle.  My only trick for this is trying to make sure the next circle you try to jump to is close so you are able to clear a path before your time is up.

      Evolved is the next game to unlock.  Evolved is almost like deadline except you have no time limit and after you hit certain points you gain bombs and lives.  I also recommend that you go in a clockwise pattern always shooting forward for this game.  I would fly a little closer to the middle just because you never know what swarm of enemies may come out of the corners.  BLACK HOLES AND GATES ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND make sure you know how to use them properly!

      Pacifism...!  This is my absolute favorite game to play on geometry wars.  It is so competitive its ridiculous, I suggest you find a friend to compete with online but if you can't try to rank your self up in the leader board.  Okay so you start out with your ship, gates and a few blue floaters.  The objective is to use the gates to blow up the blue floaters.  Every time they spawn they grow at an exponential rate so the rush is on to blow them up.  Also you still have to collect the green gems which make your score go up to stupid numbers.  My only piece of advise is to keep moving and never get backed into a corner.

        Waves...waves...waves....In my opinion you have to be a pro to play this one. Exponential waves that clutter the screen.  If you live past 30 seconds give yourself a pat on the back.  The only advise out there is to stay in the middle of the screen or to pick a corner a fight the best you can.

       Sequence.  This is my least favorite game type, probably because its pretty tough.  You start off in a sub round to show you whats coming up in the level and once you defeat those enemies your swarmed with a ton more(fyi your timed the whole time). If you fail a certain amount of missions you have to start over again..I actually have never finished this one.

    So overall this game is really awesome, if you don't have it already I defiantly recommend it.  If not for the game play then for the exploding enemies which are guaranteed to captivate anyone.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Elder Scrollys V:Skyrim Review

One thing I can say about this game is that it is incredibly addictive.  To be honest I didn't even want to stop playing to write this review.  Of course if you already didn't know Skyrim is an RPG, and a very good one at that.  If your already familiar with the series you don't need me to tell you that there is always something to keep you busy.  Its almost comparable to World of Warcraft or Everquest(always something to do) Even
side quest become important, what you do today might hurt you tomorrow kinda deal.

To be quit honest I havnt found a good RPG to play since Fallout and this one seems to win over all of them.   The leveling system is what I like...instead of ranking up a (ex. mage )and unlocking their type of weaopons your are givin a choice to choose who you play with and what type of weapon you want to use.  These weapons do not have a predetermined carachter. 

In my opinion the best part of the game is the magic or enchantment.  A wide variety of spells you can use and also rank up for a more devastating attack.  85 DIFFERENT SPELLS!  Even the new layout for spells is more comprehensive and less cluttered making it easy to stomp down your opponent if you have the right spell.

Both arms are controlled by both triggers..meaning on the left side/left trigger you will contoll your shield and on the right side/right trigger you will be able to use your weapon.  This creates a more interesting battle ground also making Melee/blocking an important part of the game.

3D mappin is also quite crisp for being an RPG...These games have definatly come a long way since Diablo.  Now back to playing!!!

BattleField 3 Review

       So now that Battlefield 3 seemed to fix all of its bugs I don't seem to remember Modern Warfare 3!  This game absolutely blows MW3 out of the water!  For any of those players out there who haven't tried it....TRY IT!

        There is almost too much to talk about!  Of course we have the new Frostbite engine which makes the game incredibly crisp(fyi if you have a hd tv I suggest you accept the 1.5 G download for extended mapping).  It seems to be the smoothest and most comprehensive game I have ever played.

       Weapons...Although I am not a fan of the weapon system they have in place it seems that in Battlefield 3 they have tried to incorporate more weapons for you to play around with so it seems there is a weapon for anyone.  The real good stuff is when you rank up your weapon unlocking all its attachments making the weapon far easier to use.  This is especially true when dealing with the sniper rifles.

       Vehicles.....Nuts! Planes... Helicopters....UAV...Turrets...on and on...These awesome attachments to the game make the playing ground really feel like a war ground.  It is hard to navigate the airborne vehicles because they come inverted(I think to keep you from mastering too fast).  Picking the right vehicle for you isn't' an easy task and once you find one you have to watch out for missiles and RPG's.

       Gameplay...Slower then normal first person shooters but it seems to simulate real warfare.   Of course I've never been in war I can only speculate.  Rush of course is an old game type but its by far my favorite, these games can last a very long time up to an hour if they are played slowly. Conquest is also a good game..its comparable to domination in call of duty(holding down a base for points).  In my opinion I would wait until you have a good team to play this game because you need to be able to hold down positions and be able to communicate with your teammates.

I can't stress communication in this game enough...If you don't have headphones BUY SOME!  This game is ment to be played as a team or at least your squad has to play together in order to be successful.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Elite

           Okay, so after the incredibly long waiting period for Modern Warfare 3 to actually come out I also decided to buy the Elite edition only to find out that I would have to wait even longer in order to access my account due to high server traffic.  This made me so mad, not only did I pay 50 dollars for something I can't use, I actually was looking forward to the tournaments the game was offering.  

After going onto MW3 website I found that I was put on a waiting list of sorts so that they could build server strength to support all those who wanted to try this highly anticipated feature. Thats another thing, how did they not know that people will want to try something that is "new."  Xbox said the same thing when Kinect came out "oh, we didn't know people would like it, so we really didn't invest time or money into it, but we'll get back to you on that."

          Anyways,  TWO WEEKS LATER I was able to finally get into Elite only to find that I was going to be pissed off.  They didn't tell you that these so called competitions would be held at weird times and that you have to apply or give an entry to enter.  What's with this!?  I just want to play and win, i don't want to have to wait for players or a playing time...I want to play now!  Anyways apart from this if you look at it from a map standpoint its worth it because you will be getting all the maps and any other download they come out with.  There is also a stats page which seems kinda weak to me, I can't believe they made you pay for the same stats you get in Black Ops for free.

         So...I guess its up to you if your going to get the Modern Warfare Elite edition.   My opinion would be that if you play a lot and you know your going to get the new maps anyway I would just buck up and buy it.  If your on the fence then run the other direction because I know you will not be please with your purchase.

Modern Warfare 3 Online Multiplayer


        After the long anticipated wait for Modern Warfare 3 it finally came out!  To be honest I had very high expectation on what this game will bring to the table.  Of course I became mildly disappointed with the lack of anything really new, but as we all know good games are about playability and this game has it.  Of  course the graphics are reminiscent of what we saw in Modern Warfare 2.  Also it seems that there is a lack of team cooperation which makes me angry(YOU ARE PLAYING A WAR GAME ACT LIKE A SOLDIER!)
            My favorite part of the new game would be the wide variety of care packages you can choose from.  They have assault packages which help you get kills and support packages to help assist your team or fool the enemy.  Also they have a specialist class which instead of giving you any type of support they give you extra perk (ex.slight of hand, marathon and sit rep.) 

        I forgot to tell you....If you actually survive through all your kills, kill streak will reset and you will have an opportunity to get them unlocked again.  I have also hear that if you get through the list twice that it unleashes an easter egg on the other team and blows them the smithereens!  Overall I am very excited about the multiplayer and know that I'll probably play this one as much as I do MW2.  Hopefully you will agree. I'll get back to you about what Call of Duty Elite is, very very soon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Halo Reach

In my opinion Halo has been one of the best shooters of all time and has definatly evolved throughout the years.  Not only is it getting more difficult but it is also challenging users to be smarter with their gaming leaving them their gun, wits and surroundings to outsmart their opponent.  Unfortunatly there are things that are lacking in this game but I'm sure that'll be fixed by the time we see the next title.

The maps in reach are really very simple and really have little detail to them.  Still this makes it a challenge for the average gamer to get from point A to point B without getting their head taken off.  Although there is little detail your enemies tend to blend in with the background a lot in the game causing sniper and swat games to be really interesting.

Now shooting a gun is one thing but taking consideration about your recoil is a whole new animal...This is not a new idea, but really this is the first time I have seen recoil displayed in your aim sights.  This makes a very interesting type of play which make people slow down and pick their shots more carefully.  Of course if your right next to someone and you want to take off their dome, by all means fire away, but if you want that perfect head shot you best be sure that both circle's realign before firing your next shot.

Throughout the years shooters have changed so much, creating a whole giant pot of game play variations.  My favorites for Halo are snipers and swat.  Each of these causes you to really hone in on your special skills, one of which being to be able to successfully get head shots... Consistently!  The 2nd of course is the "no scope" which if you can master this your in pretty good shape.  The "no scope" hasn't changed much just beware of that recoil it'll be the death of you if your not careful.

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack

The time has come my geek friends!  New maps are just around the corner.  On Tuesday(Feb.2) Treyarch will release the highly anticipated map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops.  Of course not only will the be giving us nerds 4 highly compelling maps but also a new and improved Nazi map, which from my opinion looks like the best one yet.

First map Berlin Wall.  This map takes place at checkpoint Charlie which if you don't know was the safe zone between the 2 different sides of the wall in which all allied defense would have a safe zone.  This will be a medium sized map with a lot of building circling a court yard.  I really hope that most of these houses allow you to go inside to set up camp and start sniping.  Watch out for the center of the map though...I'm sure if this map is anything like the other call of duties you need to beware of where you are and where your cover is...being in the center of the map is probably not a good idea.

Second map Discovery.  We set the scene in a Antarctic research facility...From what I hear this map may be sniper heaven.  With long lines of sight we may finally be able to snipe without worrying about getting assaulted within 5 seconds of putting our scopes up.  Again watch out for the center of the map...What I hear is that there is a bridge which will probably act as the main choke point...soooo Beware!

3rd Map Kowloon.  This map comes out of the campaign.  There seems to be a lot of windows and open spots to pop your head out of to get a quick shot.  This again will probably end up being sniper/camper paradise, which I have to say is awesome..I'm tired of running around to find a kill I'd rather just post up and let the noobs run into my sights.

Stadium is our 4th and final multi-player map.  This takes place in middle America at a hockey rink.  This map is supposed to be medium sized mostly for assault I think.  To me urban warfare is really where we are headed today so having a gun battle in the middle of a hockey rink is just up my alley.  There seems to be a lot of cover so make sure you check your corners!

Now Ascension is the new and improved zombie map.  All I know is that this map will truly be a challenge and there will be a lot of interactive aspects of the map

Well thats all I know for now...I hope everyone is as excited as I am!