Thursday, December 15, 2011

YouTube now on Xbox 360!

      Hello fellow bloggers I bring exciting news!  I have just discovered that in the new Xbox 360 update has added Youtube to its list of features. I think I didn’t see it because it was such a small button stuck in the middle of a cluttered page.  But it has been found and it was a fantastic idea for them to add this!
      When you click the button they will prompt you to down the app.  Next you will be brought to a screen where you have the option of recovering your Youtube account.  If you choose to do this you will need to go to you computer, log on to Youtube and then after your sign in go to .  Once your at the screen they should present you a code to enter into the Youtube app, Then your done!  You should be able to access your favorites, your playlists and your recommended channel.  FYI you still have to change your security settings once you download the app in order to view any questionable content.

      Oh yea, if you haven't checked out Karmin Covers on Youtube I highly suggest that you do! She’s on the top my list of greatest female performing artist.  Seriously take 2 minutes and watch this video!


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