Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cloud Storage Added to Xbox 360

        As some of you may know in the new Xbox 360 update they have added new features.  One of which is called Cloud Storage, and amazing little device that should have been added years ago!  This new feature allows each users to save onto their actual gamer profile so they can recover their information on other devices.  This will allow users to recover their gamer tags and play as if their were just at home. 

cloud saved
      You of course can still use a good old fashioned memory card.  But who wants to luge around a memory card, who knows what can happen to it!  It could get lost, stolen, it could break…In my opinion I don't want to lose/break my saved games.  Even if your Xbox 360 crashes you will be able to recover your saved games if they were put on the Cloud Storage memory unit.  I suggest you at least take a look at it.  Even if your not a hard core gamer it still may be worth saving on because you never know when you might recover your gamer tag!

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