Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Xbox 360 Update! Full Details!

        Well now that the new xbox 360 update is here we can all rant and rave about how much we hate it!  There are 3 big main changes to this new up date. First being a new Terms of Service agreement. This of course is very interesting to see, and also means if you don't agree you can't play xbox live!  From what I understand the new agreement basically states that Microsoft is protected from being taken to court over xbox live and xbox 360 matters.  Which makes me wonder why that added this all of a sudden....?  Are they expecting their product to break?  Or are they just tired with deal with the day to day PR which I'm sure becomes and enormous headache. 

       This next change is a big more noticable, the entire dashboard has now changed...again.  The dashboard now contains a cycle through list with the following...

  • Bing- On online search engine allowing you to search for movies, music, apps, games and more.

  • Home-  This tab has sub categories containing Play Game, Quick Play, Explore Marketplace, and Cloud saves 101.  Cloud storage allows you to save directly online(for people without memory cards/hard drives).  This is a new feature also very useful for people who play on multiple xbox's and don't like to bring around their memory cards.  Lastly there is a bogus advertisement.

  • Social- Social seems to be the same 'ol Facebook and Twitter applications that you can always turn on or off.  Seems they also added a beacon so that when your friends sign on they will be notified that you want to play with them with out you having to pause the game your in to send a message(in my opinion this should have been added years ago.

  • Games- My games, Game Marketplace, Sales and specials, and an awesome advertisement with Chuck Norris for World of Warcraft!

  • Music- Music apps, Zune Music

  • Apps-Epix, if you haven't tried it yet) Windows media Center, Picture Viewer, Music Player, Video Player.

  • Settings- Same setting as before except for Cloud Storage can be found under memory and  used exactly like any other memory card.  Also you can turn off your system from this menu.

        Now that its out you can be the judge on whether you enjoy the changes or not.  My opinion would be that they should have left it how it was.  I'm tired of NEW NEW NEW...I just want some consistency, but no everything has to be bigger better and faster....

P.S. There is big change I forgot to tell you about and will get most people pissed.  Instead of X as the eject button on the dashboard it is now Y.   Now Tell me why they would ever do that?!?!  Thats like microsoft changing CTRL P To CTRL Z!

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