Friday, March 30, 2012

Xbox Lite before Xbox 720?

    There's a new Xbox rumor going around, whether its true or not, its interesting to speculate.
So let's just pretend that this entire post might be fictional speculation, OK?!

      The rumor is that the next gaming hardware coming out won't be a next generation Xbox 720, it'll be an Xbox Lite. A stripped down, $100 box intended as a Kinect-enabled media hub that also happens to play Xbox Live Arcade titles. BUT....It won't have a hard drive but will supposedly  have a few gigs of memory within the system itself.

      So far, that sounds possible to me, seeing how much effort Microsoft has been devoting towards getting all of these wonderful media applications onto the Xbox 360.  MS Nerd says the new hardware will ship in late 2013 and that it's intended to compete with Apple TV.(in other words, it'll probably cost about $100).
Now there's been rumors that the Xbox 720 will be ARM-based, so maybe this is a precursor to the Xbox 720 rather than a sequel to the Xbox 360?

       It seems to me that by late 2013 Microsoft will be able to sell a box based on the current Xbox 360 for $100 (an Xbox 360 Arcade System currently retails for $200) without switching to a new architecture.... GREAT RIGHT?!   In my opinion NO!  Why are we having to wait for a product we really want?  I'm tired of being their media guinea pigs.  I understand that they are trying to change gaming as we know it but they should be investigating new ways of doing so on their own time... NOT putting bits and pieces of their new system in crappy consoles to test their durability or likeability. 

I thought I would have had my Xbox 720 by now...but no.

We the consumer need to speak up....

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