Friday, March 30, 2012

Cyber Bullying on Xbox

      Cyber bullying seems to be a growing concern with parents that have children playing on Xbox live.  I can understand why they would see it as a concern when a parent walks into the room and all they hear is F this F that you stupid M F'er.  A young child may not understand that those words are inappropriate to use in public and may call his teacher a M F'er the next day at school.  Of even worse hurt themselves becuase they actually feel hurt an abused.

    We all know that if you hear a 12 year old on Call of Duty swearing, the older generation gets extremely aggrivated. I know I've said my fair share of unethical things to a younger people in the Xbox Live world, but I've also said bad things to everyone else to!  Now who really is at fault here....?  If I was to make fun of a 25 yr. old on COD he would either mute me or talk shit back.  That is the natural order of online gaming (Making fun of people+Winning= A good time)  Which brings me to my point...aren't these games where most all of the bullying is occurring rated M?  FOR MATURE AUDIENCE'S ONLY!  For people who can make their own decisions!?  So how are they getting these games?  Because I had a beard at 15 and I still needed my mom to buy these games for me. 

      So, yet again parents take the win on this one.  If you don't like what your child is listening to or playing...DON'T LET THEM BUY IT!  Save me the trouble of putting your child in their place.  It's up to parents to be responsible for their children's purchases!  I shouldn't have to turn on the news and see some outraged parent angry at video game manufactures because their child killed themselves because they weren't socially apt enough to play to begin with. 

      This has all happened before....It'll probably happen again.  If your worried about your child playing an unsavory game, play a few hours with them and see how it is! Who knows you might actaully like playing!  Don't let them go off into some dark room and let them rot their brains out with something you don't approve of.  Be a parent....Be responsible.

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  1. I totally agree about the game content and small children. What I don't like is my child playing a game that is appropriate for his age, being asked to join a party and then being ignored; not aloud to participate; called names because he is new to the game or kicked off for absolutely no reason at all. What happened to common courtesy and asking someone to leave? I realize I can stop my child from participation in xbox live. The problem is, like you said, some parents don't 'parent' and those small children that get bullied and get there self esteem lowered have no one to stick up for them. I just think there should be a way for kids to meet kids their own age and with the same interests, not just become friends with any random person who may or may not be a 50 year old pedophile. I stay in the room with him while he plays so I know exactly what and who he is playing with, but some don't. And that scares me. I think that there should be something done about the way xbox live is set up so that it offers more protection for the little ones who can't defend themselves.