Friday, June 22, 2012

June Elite Content update Causes Big Problems

The latest pieces of ELITE Content dropped for Xbox 360 this morning bringing 1 new Spec Ops Mission & 3 new Face Off maps. Many users however are having huge problems with the new content.
One known issue is a “Out of memory” error that users are getting when attempting to play the new Face Off maps. To fix the out of memory error, delete the game off the hard drive and run it off the disk.
Another fix for OOM (Out Of Memory) error: Reboot your console and launch an older map in Private Match You’ll then be able to load the new maps.
Another issue is with the actual downloading of the content as Mark Rubin revealed today on Twitter that they have hit the limit of DLC that a single game can install on the Xbox 360! This is causing some users to have to re-download all of their DLC content to date all over again and re-setting their Spec Ops stats, it is quite a mess!
Follow these steps to be able to load the Spec Ops mission maps:
  • Launch MW3 Special Ops running off HDD
  • Select Find Match and “The struggle continues with all new maps”
  • Back out of the lobby and you’ll gain the ability to load any new maps
Raven Software (One of the developers behind MW3) posted the tutorial below to help users download content:
We have updated our process for downloading Modern Warfare 3 content. If you see red text that says “Playing with original maps only.  Download all DLC content you are entitled to from the STORE in order to play DLC maps” when you are entering multiplayer at the FIND MATCH menu screen please do the following:
Playing with original maps only.
Downloading MW3 DLC for Xbox 360:
1. Return to the Multiplayer Menu and select “Store.”
Select Store in the Multiplayer Menu
2. The DLC DEPOT will appear and show you what DLC you need to download.  Download all available DLC that you are entitled to by pressing the “X” button.
DLC Depot
3. Confirm the download of maps when the Xbox Live marketplace overview appears by pressing the “A” button. You will not be charged for this.
Confirm Download
4. Press the “A” button at the Xbox Live active download notification screen.
Press the "A" button
5. Press the “B” button to exit the Xbox LIVE marketplace active download status screen.
Press the "B" button
6. You will be notified that in order to activate and complete downloading your DLC you need to exit out of MW3 to theXbox 360 dashboard.  Press the “A” button to confirm.
Press the "A" button
7. Press the Guide button on your controller followed by the “Y” to enter Xbox home.
Press the Guide button on the controller followed by the "Y" button
8. Scroll over to the marketplace blade and select the active downloads to monitor the progress of your DLC downloads.  When all the DLC has completed downloading you can now return to MW3 and play with all your content.
Scroll to Active Downloads
An emergency patch has been release with the following message: “So the Downloading of all maps again is due to a change in the Key system for DLC. You don’t actually re-download the whole map just a tiny little key update. Should be really fast. Sorry Microsoft doesn’t have very good messaging for this. As for the loss of Spec Ops stats I’m looking into it. I’m really pissed that that might be broken so am angrily finding out what went wrong. I’ll update you all asap.”
Mark Rubin has confirmed that if your Spec Ops stats are missing that they are not lost, it is a problem with copies ofModern Warfare 3 installed on the Hard Drive of the Xbox 360 which isn’t good for Infinity Ward as that relies on Microsoft for them to fix the problem. “Developers don’t have anyway to know this. HDD install is an MS thing. Not something we can even do on Dev kits.”


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